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2016 Demo Extravaganza on Sunday, October 9 from 9am - 3pm

Come discover what custom fitting and new equipment can do for your game at the Henry Brunton Golf at Strawberry Farms 2016 Demo Blowout! Why come out?

1. Complimentary 15 minute equipment evaluation on TrackMan!

2. Anyone coming out receives an invitation for a full hour game assessment - at no charge at a later date!

3. Results you'll see for yourself

Golf Channel Academy - New Student Assessment

Have more fun!

New Student Assessments at Henry Brunton Golf at Strawberry Farms

We conduct a thorough assessment of your fundamentals, technique and skill in all aspects of the game. We identify your strengths and pinpoint your weaknesses - key areas where you are losing strokes.

To facilitate enhanced performance, we support you with focused coaching and training so that you can learn effectively; build skill and confidence that transfers in time onto the golf course. Learn more

There’s a point in your bag where your consistency of ball striking and accuracy start to break down or disappear entirely.
We probably accept that Tour caddies are better at reading Putts than most of us. There’s an opinion that they’re masters of some “dark art” of green reading.
When you crouch down behind the ball or stand up and walk around the Putt, what are you really looking at? Do you have a process to read the green? Does your local knowledge suffice?
So why have club lengths got longer (and lofts stronger)? One argument is that the manufacturers know we love to buy extra distance.